Winter Workshop Announcement

Prepare for Norooz (the New Year)!

All Special Workshops are held at the Z-spot in Boston

181 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, MA

Special Workshops

Music Rhythm and Dance with Parham Haghighi

Most Iranian regional music does not follow the traditional count patterns of western music (often in 4). Instead, many are odd counts (5, 7, and most are 6). If you have had difficulty finding the right beat in the music, or you are unsure of how to synchronize your dance moves with the music, or are interested in learning various dances of Iran and do not have a background in their music, this is an incredible opportunity for you to learn how to find beats and rhythms, which will help you succeed in dance. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from Berklee graduate, musician and singer, Parham Haghighi. 

Azeri Men's workshop with Giorgi Shanidze  

This workshop is open to both men and women but focuses on unique footwork and character of the men's dances of Azerbaijan. This includes turns, spins, jumps, and fast footwork you may have seen and wondered how it is done. Dance takes a long time to develop (it is like music, where the instrument is your body). If you don't have a strong dance background, you will need to follow up with additional Azeri men's dance workshops to hone your skills, but you will have a few steps to get started. 

Baba Karam workshop with Sheila Eghbali

Baba Karam is the most modern of all Iranian dances. However given that it's wide popularity, and unique origins, we offer a workshop in this style of story-telling dance which originated from men telling stories, through dance, with often just a drum and a singer among their friends at tea houses after work. 

Special Workshops

Wednesday Evenings
Date Time Class Instructor
Feb 15th, 22nd 7:00-8:30 Music Theory and Dance Parham Haghighi
March 1st, 8th, 15th 6:30-8:00 Baba Karam Sheila Eghbali

Cost of Workshops

To Register, click on the link for the workshop of your interest. 

Workshop TitleTotal Hours# of SessionsCost
Music Theory and Dance32$50
Baba Karam4.53$70