Teacher Training

IPA is beginning our teacher training (on-site) with dancers who have prior training. If you have questions, please contact Sheila Eghbali at info@ipadance.org

Teachers are trained in a wide range of dances with syllabi. Training will be ongoing as we collect more information about the hundreds of dances that are mostly unknown, and dying. It is expected that the teachers in training have already trained in most/all of these dances before training in the teaching element. 

Teacher training will be held on Wednesdays 6:30-8:30, Location Iranian Association of Boston. 

Cost for the series: $100

Teaching Level 1 of: 

  • Gilaki (completed)
  • Azeri women's (completed) 
  • Azeri Men's
  • Bushehri
  • Baba Karam.
  • Kurdish (Kermanshahi)
  • Baluchi (Do Chapi)