How to get involved with IPA

Become a sustainable donor or sponsor:

Join us on our never before traveled journey of archiving Iranian dances, and putting them on elite stages. Your sustainable donation ensures our ability to pay professional dancers to become permanent members of our organization. It also ensures our researcher's ability to continue to gather information and archive the dances of Iran. With a solid base, we can seek federal funding for both aspects of our project. The work we do is crucial is preserving the cultures of Iran as modernization slowly wipes our the cultures that are hanging by a string, passing from generation to generation by oral tradition. 

Audition for our professional team

We are currently working on a production to be taught, directed, and performed in 2017. We will be holding auditions for professional dancers with an interest in a wide range of dances. Our repertoire is highly varied, with some dances that can benefit from having a background in ballet, while others would benefit from having a background in African or Afrocuban dances. Please contact us if you are interested. Auditions will not be held before Dec 2016. 

We will be holding auditions for 6 female and 6 male dancers, all paid positions, 16-20 hours/week.