Children's Classes will Resume in March

We are in search for a new dance studio as Abaka is closing

Advanced Beginner Classes

Children's Classes are held on Fridays at the Abaka Performing Arts Center. Each class starts with conditioning, strengthening, and stretching exercises with a foundation in ballet as relevant to the dances of Iran. Students warm up with basic steps from different styles of Iranian dance. While moving, they also become familiar with a wide range of music from various corners of Iran. New moves and technique is weaved in, reviewed, and practiced each session. Each session ends with work on a choreography. 

During 2016-2017, IPA is only holding advanced beginner classes for returning students and those with some dance background. If you intend to register your child, be sure to do so before the start of fall session as new students will not be accepted again until fall of 2017. 

Your child may try the first class as a drop-in ($20) and you can make your decision after the completion of the first class. The $20 will apply toward the tuition for the term if the parent decides to register the student. 

Address: TBD

Time: Fridays 5:45-6:45 pm

Cost of Classes

Discounts are available for students in the Farsi Language Program or the Children's Choir
Class Type Number of Classes Cost
Drop-In 1 $20
One Term 10 $150