Photo by Zarmik Moqtaderi

Iranian Dance Classes-Overview

Classes, Workshops, and Teacher Training

Iran is a vast country that can fit Spain, France, and Germany within its borders. There are over 10 different ethnic groups that have lived within Iran for Millennia. They each have their own distinct culture, many with a different language, and all with their unique instruments, music, rhythms, costumes, and dance. Given the history, traditions, and the climate of each region, the costumes and dances vary significantly between different areas. Men's dances easily outnumber women's dances, and each are beautiful in their own right. 

Adult and Children's classes explore this diverse land through dance. Classes are taught only by trained teachers, and are designed to inspire students to explore the hidden gems of Iran, learn, protect, and preserve them through movement. 

During 2016-2017, we are starting our teacher training program. For this reason, terms of classes are held in the fall and spring. The winter is designated for special workshops and teacher training. Anyone is welcomed to try the first class of each session (Drop-in) and decide if it's the right fit for you. It may be your very first dance class but you may be able to keep up, so do try. We are unique in that no one teaches with the attention to technique and detail that we teach the dances of Iran, and no other studio or organization covers the span of repertoire we teach.